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Destrube (family)

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The Destrube family lived at Rife, via Vegreville, Alberta. Georges, Guy, Paul, and Dan Destrube served in France during World War I, Guy and Paul dying in action in 1917.

Cavenagh (family)

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Members of the Cavenagh family were British Army officers and officers of the East India Company serving primarily in the Straits Settlements, Malaya, Singapore, and Penang.

Gooch (family)

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Percy Gooch was born in England in the late 1830s or early 1840s. He served with the British Army from 1855 to 1863 at various postings in England, the Crimea, and India. After leaving the military he moved to British Columbia, accompanied by his mother, Edith Stephenson. Percy Gooch died in Victoria in the 1930s.

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