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McGregor, Frederick Maurice, 1911-1995

  • Person
  • 1911-1995

Frederick Maurice McGregor was born on May 11, 1911 in Victoria, B.C. where was educated at St. Michaels School and then Rockland Academy. McGregor was an aviation pioneer who took flying lesson in 1928 with the Aero Club of B.C. at Lulu Island Vancouver and at Lansdowne Field in Saanich, (Victoria B.C). He was a pilot with B.C. Airways Ltd. (Victoria and Vancouver, B.C.) 1928-1933. Early activities included: stunt pilot, bush pilot and flight instructor. He was pilot for Wells Air Transport, 1933, and Canadian Airways Ltd. (Vancouver, B.C.), 1933-1937, and one of two first pilots to join Trans-Canada Airlines Ltd. (later Air Canada), 1937-1940. He was captain of the first Trans-Canada night mail flight March 1, 1937. He had many managerial positions in T.C.A. including: Operations Superintendent, Eastern Division, Toronto, 1946-1952; Operations Manager; Canadian Govt. Trans-Atlantic Air Service and T.C.A. overseas services, 1946-1952. He was Director of Development, Canadian Pacific Air Lines, 1953-1954. With Canadian government approval, McGregor was invited by the Pakistani government to organise the new Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) where he was General Manager, 1954-1955. He was president and co-owner of B.C. Air Lines 1956-1960. McGregor died in 1995.

Friends of Ecological Reserves

  • Corporate body
  • 1983-

The Friends of Ecological Reserves (F.E.R.) is a non-profit society registered in 1983 by the founder and current president, Lynne Milnes. Its mandate is “to promote the interests of the ecological reserves program in B.C. by raising public awareness.” It raises funds for “research in reserves, education, monitoring the management of reserves [and] leading field trips to existing ecological reserves.” F.E.R. works to establish new ecological reserves. Vicky Husband was president during much of the campaign for a proposed reserve of the Khutzeymateen River and its grizzly bear habitat. F.E.R. publishes a newsletter, The Log.

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