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Wade, John Howard, 1914-1997

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  • 1914-1997

John Howard Wade was born 23 March 1914 in Singapore (then part of the Straits Settlements). Educated at Bedford School in England, Wade graduated from the Architectural Association in 1936, shortly thereafter began work with Connell Ward and Lucas in London, and in 1938 became a junior partner with Guy Morgan and Partners. While at Morgan, Wade was responsible for designing a factory for Phillips and Powis Aircraft. In 1939 Wade immigrated to Canada, settling in Vancouver where he got a job with Edmund Dewitt King (1885-1969). On 25 November 1939 Wade married Margaret Towle Taylor (1916-2003), the daughter of Alfred James Towle Taylor (1887-1945), the engineer and businessman responsible for building Vancouver's Lion's Gate Bridge. For two months in the summer of 1939 Wade worked in California for Richard Neutra. After War broke out in September 1939, Wade left his job as an architect and enlisted in the Royal Canadian Navy. Wade served five years as a Lieutenant-Commander, R.C.N.R., including three afloat aboard destroyers, minesweepers, and corvettes. While in the Navy Wade met Studley Patrick Birley who was also an architect. Following the War Wade had intended to return to Guy Morgan and Partners in London, however, Lord Beaverbrook (William Aitken) suggested he remain in Canada due to conditions in England. Wade was then approached by Birley about forming a new practice, which they did, naming it Birley and Wade. A few months later Charles Dexter Stockdill – a 1938 graduate of the University of Manitoba – joined the firm, which became Birley Wade and Stockdill. In 1950 Birley left the firm. Wade and Stockdill subsequently added two partners: John W. Armour (1927-1986) in 1953, and Peter Blewett (1932-1999) in 1964. In 1974 Wade Stockdill Armour and Blewett split into separate Victoria and Vancouver branches. The Victoria branch became known as Wade Williams, adding as a partner British-born architect Terence John Williams, who had joined the firm in 1971.

John and Margaret had four children: sons Matthew, Simon, and Andrew, and daughter Margo. The Wades lived in a 1922 house at 1538 Beach Drive in Oak Bay, named Bide-a-Wee, which was designed by Samuel Maclure. John Wade retired in 1991 and died in Victoria on 3 November 1997 at age 83.

Waldichuk, Michael, 1923-1991

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  • 1923-1991

Michael Waldichuk was born in Mitkau, Roumania on October 23, 1923. He received a B.A. Honours in Chemistry (1948) and an M.A. (1950), both from the University of British Columbia, and a PhD (1955) from the University of Washington. His dissertation was entitled Physical Oceanography of the Strait of Georgia, British Columbia. In 1952 he began a long career with the Canadian federal government, as Associate Scientist with the Fisheries Research Board of Canada, at the Pacific Biological Station at Nanaimo BC, where he was appointed Oceanographer-in-Charge of the Pacific Oceanographic Group in 1966, and as Program Head of the Pacific Environment Institute (now the West Vancouver Laboratory of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans). His area of expertise was the impact of industrial pollution on marine organisms, particularly the effects of coastal pulp mills and effluent disposal systems. Waldichuk’s work included design of outfalls, studies of oxygen diffusion in still seawater, disposal and effects of organic, radioactive and heavy metal pollution and pulp mill waste. An obituary from Canadian Journal of Fish and Aquatic Science, written by colleague John C. Davis notes that Waldichuck “played a major role in investigating and advising on a variety of important and highly visible West Coast issues including the disposal of mine tailings in Rupert Inlet and the Roberts Bank port expansion” as well as a number of assessments of important BC estuaries. He served on many national and international committees and working groups, including the US National Academy of Sciences’ Pacific Coast Working Group on Low Level radioactive Waste Disposal and the International Maritime Organization’s Joint Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marnie Pollution, or GESAMP (1969-77, 1984). He was also the Director of the Canadian Association for Water Pollution Research and Control (1967-68, 1971-76), a member of the British Columbia Research Council, the Chair of the Canadian National Committee for the Scientific Council on Ocean Research (1989-1991), and a member and vice-president of the Board of Governors of the Vancouver Public Aquarium Association. Dr. Waldichuk died May 4, 1991.

Walker, Thomas

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Tom Walker was a Sergeant (Canadian Army) during WWII.

Wallace (family)

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The Wallace family lived in Toronto, Ontario.

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