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Tugwell, Maurice

  • Person
  • 1925-2010

Maurice Tugwell was a career officer in the Parachute Regiment who served in the 1939-1945 war and in a succession of colonial counterinsurgency operations. Tugwell served most notably in Ireland where he headed the black propaganda Information Policy unit (1971-1973) which operated covertly inside British Army HQ in Lisburn in Northern Ireland. After leaving Ireland in March 1973, Tugwell 'transferred to Iran as an instructor at the Imperial Armed Forces College', during the reign of the Shah. 'He was awarded the CBE the same year. In 1975 he went to Nottingham, and in 1976 he took up a defence fellowship at King's College, London'. His PhD focused on revolutionary propaganda at King's College in London, following which he moved to Canada and became involved with right wing think tanks including the Centre for Conflict Studies (1980-1986) and the Mackenzie Institute (1986-1991).

Turner, Baptist Noel, 1739-1826

  • Person
  • 1739-1826

Baptist Noel Turner was a rector and writer. He was born at Wing, Rutland, England, the son of Reverend James Turner. Turner studied at Emanuel College, served as headmaster of Oakham School, and became rector of Wing, Rutland. His writings include the "Johnsonian Letters".

Tweedsmuir, Susan, b. 1882

  • Person
  • b. 1882

Susan Buchan was a British playwright. She was married to John Buchan (Lord Tweedsmuir), who was a British writer and Governor-General of Canada.

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