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Adey, Lionel

  • SC427
  • Person

Dr. Lionel Adey was a former professor of English at the University of Victoria and is the author of several books and articles. His writings include: C. S. Lewis's "Great War" with Owen Barfield (1978), Hymns and the Christian "Myth" (1986) Class and idol in the English Hymn (1988), Affirmations (1989) and C. S. Lewis, Writer, Dreamer, and Mentor (1998).

Agnew, J.

  • Person

J. Agnew was a colonel in the U.S. Army.

Agúst Guðmundsson

  • SC330
  • Person
  • 1947-

Agust Gudmundsson is an Icelandic screenwriter.

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