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Sisson, C. H. (Charles Hubert), 1914-2003

  • Pessoa
  • 1914-2003

Charles Hubert Sisson, CH (22 April 1914 – 5 September 2003), usually cited as C. H. Sisson, was a British writer, best known as a poet and translator.

Glover, Richard

  • Pessoa

Dr. Richard Glover was a professor at the University of Manitoba.

Hinsley, F. H. (Francis Harry), 1918-1998

  • Pessoa
  • 1918-1998

Sir Francis Harry Hinsley OBE (26 November 1918 – 16 February 1998) was an English historian and cryptanalyst. He worked at Bletchley Park during the Second World War and wrote widely on the history of international relations and British Intelligence during the Second World War. He was known as Harry Hinsley.

Mason, R. A.

  • Pessoa
  • b. 1932

Air Vice Marshal Richard Anthony "Tony" Mason, CB, CBE, DL (born 22 October 1932) is a retired senior commander of the Royal Air Force who became Air Secretary.

Ranger, Robin

  • Pessoa

Robin Ranger was a professor at U.B.C.

Soward, Frederick H.

  • Pessoa
  • 1899-1985

Frederick H. Soward was born in Minden, Ontario and educated at the University of Toronto (B.A., 1921) and Oxford University (B.Litt., 1922). In 1922, he joined Mack Eastman and Walter N. Sage in the Dept. of History at UBCʹs Fairview campus. Sowardʹs career at the university spanned some forty‐two years. Soward developed a keen interest in studying foreign relations and international affairs. This expertise was recognized by the Dept. of External Affairs which called him to Ottawa in 1941 to serve as a special assistant for three years. Upon his return to UBC Soward was appointed as director of the International Studies program. During his career at UBC, Soward served as head of the Dept. of History (1953‐1963) and Associate Dean and later Dean of Graduate Studies (1962‐1964). He retired from the university in 1964 and received honorary degrees from Carleton University (1962) and UBC (1964). Sowardʹs contribution to promoting the understanding of international affairs went beyond the university classrooms through his lectures across the province and particularly his annual review of world events at the Vancouver Institute Lectures.

Thorneycroft, Kenneth John

  • Pessoa
  • b. 1928

Kenneth John Thorneycroft (born 1928) was a Canadian Forces Air Command officer. He served as deputy commander of NORAD from 1980 to 1983.

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