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Transgender Archives Collector

  • AR496
  • Entidade coletiva
  • 1969-2017

These materials were officially collected starting in 2011, however some materials were collected previously.

The Transgender Archives Collector collection consists of small accessions received both directly and indirectly from donors, and collected by Dr. Aaron Devor, the Chair of Transgender Studies at the University of Victoria. Some materials were also sourced and collected by Lara Wilson, Director of Special Collections and University Archivist.

The rationale behind keeping the Transgender Archives Collector materials separate from the Transgender Archives was that the materials found in the collection were generally discrete items, with no related provenance. The relationship between the materials is based entirely on the transgender connection, and there is no archival bond otherwise.

This is an ongoing collection, and further accruals are expected.

Mahon, Derek, 1941-

  • Pessoa

Derek Mahon is an Irish writer.

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