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Barrie, J. M. (James Matthew), 1860-1937

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  • 1860-1937

J.M. Barrie was born in Kirriemuir, Scotland. After receiving an M.A. at Edinburgh University in 1882, he moved to London in 1885. He was primarily a novelist and essayist until 1900 and thereafter mainly a playwright. His best known work "Peter Pan" was written in 1904. He was created a baronet in 1913. J. M. Barrie died in London.

Johnston, Denis, 1901-1984

  • Person
  • 1901-1984

Denis Johnston was an Irish playwright and writer. He was born in Dublin and educated at Dublin, Edinburgh, Cambridge and Harvard Law School, receiving an M.A. and LL.M. from Cambridge in 1926. He became interested in playwriting while he was at Harvard. Upon his return to Dublin, he wrote "Shadowdance" (later called "The Old Lady Says No!") in 1926. After practising law, both in Ireland and England, he joined the Dublin Gate Theatre and became its Director from 1931-1936. Next, he worked in various capacities for the BBC. After moving to America, he became head of the Department of Theatre at Smith College, Massachusetts in 1961 and subsequently held many academic posts in the United States until 1973. He authored numerous plays including "The Old Lady Says 'No'", "The Moon in the Yellow River", "The Golden Cuckoo", and "The Scythe and the Sunset". His autobiography, "Nine Rivers from Jordan", was published in 1953. This formed the basis for his later work "The Brazen Horn". He died in Dublin.

Koch, Kenneth, 1925-2002

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  • 1925-2002

Kenneth Koch was an American poet. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and studied at Harvard (B.A. 1948) and Columbia University (Ph.D. 1959). He was a leading figure of the New York School of poetry. Koch also wrote a novel and plays, some of which have been produced off-Broadway.

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