British Columbia Theatre History – Gold Rush Theatre; The Modern Room Exhibition Guide; Ashcroft Opera House; Capitol Theatre, Nelson; Interview Notes: Nick Hutchinson; Caravan Farm Theatre Articles and Programs Inventory list

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1.15.3 “Gold Rush Theatre and the Palace Grand.” [Article; Photocopy.] / Robert Coutts. – The Beaver. – Spring 1982. Item
1.15.7 “House of the Rising Voices.” [Article on the Ashcroft Opera House; Newspaper clipping.] / Mike Youds. – Kamloops, BC. – The Daily News. – Friday, September 2, 2005. Item
1.15.12 “Way Off Broadway, Caravan Farm Theatre provides fertile soil for homegrown plays and organic veggies at its one-of-a-kind venue in the North Okanagan.” [Article, Travel focus.] / Brian Payton. – British Columbia Magazine. v. 46 n. 2. – pp. 50-57. – Summer 2004. Item
1.15.8 Historic Theatre Research. [Fax copy of a memo and research summary conducted for the City of Westminster, BC Planning Department; Heading “Capitol Theatre in Nelson BC” highlighted.] / Karen Ramsay. – Westminster, BC. – 2000. File
1.15.11 Nick Hutchinson Interview. [Typed notes.] / James Hoffman. – May 3, 2001. Item
1.15.15 Creation 1991, Part One of the Mystery Cycle, a Modern Retelling of the Bible Stories. [Program.] / Caravan Farm Theatre. – 1991. Item
1.15.2 “Gold Rush Entertainment in British Columbia: Setting the Stage for a New Cultural Frontier, 1865-1875.” [Conference paper for the BC Studies Conference; Photocopy.] / Melanie Buddle. – Prince George, BC. – 1997. Item
1.15.5 The Modern Room. [Exhibition guide.] / Edythe Hembroff-Schleicher. – Victoria, BC. – Provincial Archives of British Columbia. – 1981. Item
1.15.6 Ashcroft Opera House. [Six colour photos.] / James Hoffman. – August 2007. File
1.15.14 The Apple Orchard by Colin Heath. [Program; Photocopy.] / Caravan Farm Theatre. – Undated. Item
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