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Reed Erickson fonds
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Biographical, medical, and other

File consists of records relating to Erickson's personal records. Includes biographical and medical records, photographs and negatives of childhood and family, and documents relating to family members (correspondence with wives, marriage license and certificate, pet leopard Henry von Weber and dog Golden Boy).

Conservatorship of the estate of Reed Erickson

File represents the records created and consulted during the conservatorship of Erickson's estate. Erickson's daughter Monica was appointed in 1987 to manage his estate due to failing health and mental capabilities. Sub-series includes documents gathered as proof of Erickson's poor health and competence; transcripts of proceedings in the establishment of the conservatorship; Erickson's probate; administration and financial details of the conservatorship; settlement with third wife Eva Erickson; lawsuits against AMOCO Oil, Callon Petroleum, and Roberta Simes; inventories of Erickson's estate; tax documents; property management; research completed by Aileen Ashton and Monica as employees of the conservatorship; and the termination of the conservatorship upon Erickson's passing.

Erickson Educational Foundation

Series consists of the records related to the EEF, which was in operation from 1964 – 1984. Reed was the founder and director, and determined the focus of providing support to transsexuals, as well as various New Age organizations and research. Content of this series includes: office administration, EEF properties and finances, brochures and pamphlets for the EEF and associated organizations, mailing lists, Erickson Educational Foundation Newsletter and materials associated with the composition, EEF Projects, grant applications, subscriptions and brochures received by the EEF, correspondence with professionals and organizations for Key K Conference of 1984 (regarding the drug Ketamine /Ketalar), correspondence with individuals asking for advice, and documents regarding EEF's involvement with ONE Inc. and ISHR.

General legal

File consists of records relating to lawsuits and legal issues involving Erickson before he was represented by conservator Monica. Content includes: general legal documents (probate, court appearances, power of attorney discussions), lawsuits against family (sister Roberta Simes, divorce from second wife Aileen Ashton, marriage and divorce with third wife Evangelina Trujillo Erickson and accusation of kidnapping) property, lawsuits involving employees (most notably Lourdes Pena, Zelda Suplee), lawsuits against businesses (notably Royal Viking Line), and attorney administration (Alfred Keep, Goldenring & Goldenring, and Michael Pratter).


Reed Erickson was a litigious person, involved in many legal suits throughout his life. The large quantity of legal records present in this fonds reflect this involvement. The legal battles that produced the bulk of records include: suits against Dorr Legg and One Inc., suits against Royal Viking Line, and divorce from third wife Eva. Many legal cases initiated by Erickson were continued and settled by daughter Monica after the instalment of conservatorship in 1987. The legal records series consists of three sub-series: the Milbank Estate litigation, general legal records, and the conservatorship of the estate of Reed Erickson.

Milbank Estate litigation

The Milbank Estate litigation records surround Erickson's purchase of property in Los Angeles in 1983 and the subsequent cases against ONE Inc. for the deed to the property and building. Includes case numbers: C541097, C499120, C502792, C693216, C741682, and B051473. Content consists of legal documents, research for the cases, case transcripts, and stipulations of settlement. The folders in this sub-series have been grouped by legal case number, which is the approach taken by ONE Archives in Los Angeles. The case order differs here.


Series consists of records relating to Erickson's personal life. Includes personal medical records, photographs of family members and pets, artistic expressions, documents pertaining to the running of the Erickson households, publications collected by Erickson, and recordings of music and interviews. The Personal series is divided into four sub-series: biographical, medical, and other personal records; writings, musical compositions, and artworks; personal assistants, staff, and administration; and published works and audio-visual materials.

Personal assistants, staff, and administration

File primarily consists of records relating to Erickson's employees and administration for his households in Mazatlan (Love Joy Palace and Hotel Las Jacarandas), as well as office administration for the EEF. Includes: employee office log ledger for the EEF, “record-it” phone messages, employee time sheets and weekly reports, correspondence with employees and services (limos, security systems), applications for personnel, and an inventory of Erickson's clothing.

Published works and audio-visual materials

File consists of published materials collected by Erickson, recordings made or collected by Erickson, and investigator Harvey Plaks' recorded interviews for the conservatorship (including son Seth and former employee Zelda Suplee).

Reed Erickson and affiliated entities financials

Series consists of personal and corporate financial records. Personal financial documents include: an examination of finances by Chartered Accountant Jan Lindsay in 1983, cash flow statements, accounts and expenses for children Seth and Monica, multiple personal back account statements, and tax returns. Erickson's affiliated entities with financial documents in this series include: FAESA, Gauguin Inc., Wyoming Inc., and Inversiones del Angel. Series also includes 1961 patent to Rita A. Erickson of Southern Seating Corporation, documents relating to property management, stock book for Inversiones del Angel, and oil leases. Personal and business financial documents are conflated in this series, reflecting Erickson's organization and use of accounts. Accounts for corporations such as Inversiones del Angel and Wyoming Inc. were used for both personal reasons (ex: clothes shopping) and corporate (ex: payroll).

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