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Arts Calendar, December

Arts Calendar December 1994 - Erika and Nick Tuele at the AGGV for "The Legacy of Genius" - 26:45; Arts Calendar February 1995, Tony Jenkins reviews The Mystery of Irma Vepp, Erika interviews David Walsh and Alexandra Browning of Opera Nova "Soeur Angelica" by Puccini - 56:17; government house rock garden and volunteers - 1:28:35; August 18, 1994, the arrival of the Queen at Government House, dedication of gardens, David Lam very much in evidence - 1:52:12 - one hour 52 min. (#010)

Arts Calendar, Erika Kurth with Clarence Mills

Arts Calendar Erika Kurth with Clarence Mills, Haida carver, 13:00; Kathleen Niwa, curator of The Adaskin Years at the Maltwood Museum, 23:15; Pirates of Penzance at Oak Bay High School, 29:49; Kiriza Tyrell Pianist for Conservatory of Music, 42:48; Clarence Mills reprise, 55:41; Erika Kurth interviews H.G. Glyde at his retrospective at the AGGV, 1:10:20; Pearson College Indonesian dance, 1:18:00; Erika Kurth interviews Gordana Lazarevich and Murray Adaskin, on the occasion of the publication of The Musical World of Frances James and Murray Adaskin, 1:31:50-one hour 52 min. (#015)

Arts Calendar, March

Arts Calendar March 1990 - Gary Karr (bass) and Harmon Lewis (piano), 9:00 min.; Democracy at the Belfry Theatre with John Brunell, 22:31; future of the Emily Carr Gallery with John Bovey PABC, Desmond Connor citizen and Pat Bovey AGGV, 50:48; Jack and Doris Shadbolt (partial), 51:46; Arts Calendar 1992 Bess Jillings new arts manager for Greater Victoria, 1:21:23; Papua New Guinea artists with Fran Willis and Elaine Monds, 1:41 - one hour, forty one minutes. (#019)

Arts Calendar, March

Arts Calendar March 1989 - Pacific Opera "Cenerentola" with Deborah Wilson mezzo soprano and Pico Serbo tenor, 14:00 min.; listings, 15:18; Atom Egoyan introduces Family Viewing, 24:15 min.; Emerald City at the Belfry, 36:00 min.; Herbert Siebner :After Van Gogh", 45:50; Brad Pasutti at North Park Gallery - one hour. (#020)

Arts Calendar, November

Arts Calendar, November 1990 - Erika Kurth with Jack and Doris Shadbolt regarding a book about him by Scott Watson and a book by her about Emily Carr, 19:45; Cabaret, the musical, by Victoria Opera Society, 26:00; Evolution of a Sculpture by Maarten Schaddelee, video by Sherry Mussio and Gilles St. Denis, 59:05, fifty nine minutes. (#018)

Arts Calendar, October

Arts Calendar October 1994 - Civic Orchestra with Ellen Cooper and Gordon Hobson, 13:59; Anthony Jenkins interviews Fran Willis and Hans Herold, 28:03; Arts Calendar with Joanne Thomas, opera studio of Victoria Conservatory, Tales of Hoffmann, 44:13; State Dance Theatre presents Here's Love, with Kim Breiland artistic director, 57:35; Arts Calendar, Erika Kurth interviews Pat Martin Bates and Michelle Frost regarding Royal Canadian Academy show, scrivener video of the show, 1:10:59; Oleanna, a play at the Belfry, 1:24:00; My Funny Valentine, a play, with Sherry Bird, 1:26:00; One Man Hamlet, with Clayton Jevne, 1:45:50; David Anderson regarding federal funding for the arts, 1:55:00 - one hour fifty five min. (#017)

Arts Calendar, RBCM Echoes of our Past with Robin Patterson

Arts Calendar - RBCM Echoes of our Pas with Robin Patterson curator, 10:50; Gallery on Wheels from Open Space with Jeanne Shoemaker and Michael Zeigler, 26:40; Murray Adaskin and Gordana Lazarevich about her Adaskin book, 41:00; Regent's Park heritage restoration at Fort and St. Charles with owner Karl Rudolph and Canadian Costume Society, 55:27; Jack Shadbolt talks about Butterfly Transformations, 1:07:33; D.M. Thomas, author of The White Hotel.....00 The Canadian Gardener (CBC) with David Tarrant, visits Victoria gardens; George Radford Oak Bay garden and Government House, 6:20; Noel Richardson and Ravenhill Herb Farm Saanich, 13:19; Robin Hopper in Metchosin, 20:03; Sheila Gault, 23:00 - one hour, 30 min. (#022)

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