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This series consists of minutes from meetings held by the Victoria Limners Society from 1972 to 2008, excluding any minutes from 1983, 1986 and 1992 which are missing. These records document the activities around group exhibitions, including the Limners’ 25th anniversary exhibition, the production, marketing and airing of Agustin Luviana-Cordero’s video on the Limners; and Patricia Bovey’s book on the Limners A Passion for Art: The Art and Dynamics of the Limners, Additional subject matter includes treasurer’s reports and possible sources of government funding, memberships, various Limners’ individual activities and the Limners’ tree and stone plaque planted in Oak Bay Park in 2001 (as seen in a colour printout of the Limners with the tree and plaque).


  • CA UVICARCH AR440-02-1.7
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1980-1989
  • Parte deLimners fonds


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  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1972-1979
  • Parte deLimners fonds

Graphic materials and publications

This series consists of publications and graphic material by and about members of the Victoria Limners Society. Included in this series are three different editions of the publication “The Limners” published by Pharos Press in 1972, 1978 and 1981 which was sold at Limners exhibitions and elsewhere. These booklets begin with an introduction by Robin Skelton on the Limners as a whole, then turns to describing each artist individually, with a sketch of each artist made by Myfanwy Pavelic, a short biography, and an image of one of the artist’s works. This series also contains a print proof of a 1967 monograph called Inscriptions written by Robin Skelton with drawings by Herbert Siebner. Additionally, several newspaper clippings related to the Limners can be found in this series. Amongst the graphic materials are photographs and promotional material such as posters and invitations to Limner exhibitions. Twenty photographs can be in this series including photographs showing various Limner exhibitions and events, including the inaugural Limner exhibition at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria in 1973, Max Bates’ birthday party in 1974. Some of these images also appear in Patricia Bovey’s book on the Limners, A Passion for Art: The Art and Dynamics of the Limners.

Elders Council for Parks in British Columbia / EKOS Communications video history collection

  • Fondo
  • 2000; 2006-2008

Collection consists of video history interviews with park pioneers, as well as some events, created by EKOS Communications in partnership with the Elders Council for Parks of British Columbia [] to commemorate the 100th anniversary of BC Parks in 2011.

The Elders Council is an independent society, whose members are retired parks system employees and conservation advocates who have dedicated a significant portion of their lives to parks and protected areas in BC. These interviews served as source material for the documentary BC Parks: Celebrating 100 Years of Recreation and Protection. []

EKOS Communications first launched in 2005 as with the goal of creating Canada's first independent new media channel. ekostv was re-envisioned in 2007 as EKOS Communications, Inc. which providing environmental education and communication services. Clients included Parks Canada, BC Parks, Natural Resources Canada, Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, Metro Vancouver, and Union of BC Municipalities. EKOS Communications™ services included project management, video production, audio production, web design and development, community animation, group process and facilitation, research and writing, communications strategy, communications consultation, environmental education, curriculum design, development and evaluation.

In December 2010, EKOS Communications Inc. dissolved and was re-formed as EKOS Communications under the sole proprietorship of creator, president and executive producer Rick Searle. As of April 2011, other chief officers of EKOS Communications included Creative Director/Writer Starr Munro, Editor/Shooter Richard Fulop, and Webmaster Prarie Blake. EKOS Communications™ stated mission is "to assist with the rapid advancement of ecological literacy and sustainability through environmental education and communication; Combining video, audio, animation, and print with new media innovations, EKOS Communications connects people more deeply with each other to work together for the betterment of the planet."

Standard questions were used in most of the interviews and included dates of employment/association with BC Parks, parks worked in, greatest challenges, accomplishments and regrets, lessons learned, hopes for provincial park system today and mentors.

Interviewers included Rick Searle. Interviewees: Bob Ahrens, Victor Bopp, Bert Brink, Luc Campeau, Ric Careless, Jim Delikatny, Yorke Edwards, Ken Farquharson, Milt Goddard, Don Gough, Herb Green, Gordon MacDonald, Ed Mankelow, Ian McTaggart-Cowan, Tom Moore, Denis Gorman, David Stirling, Bob Williams and John Woodworth.

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