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Musgrave, Susan, 1951-
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Musgrave, Susan "In The Small Hours Of The Rain"

Musgrave, Susan "In The Small Hours Of The Rain" (1990)
-labels proof
-drafts, proofs
-tls from SM to Charles Lillard 12 Nov. 90
-tls from George Payerle to Charles Lillard 3 Oct. 90
-tls from SM to Robin Skelton 28 Aug. 90

Susan Musgrave

Susan Musgrave
-tls to Rhonda 15 Jul. 99
-tss poems
-"Origami Dove" 2 l.
-"Carnal Garbage" 3 l.
-"Twenty-Eight Uses for Al Purdy's Ashes" 3 l.
-"Al Purdy Took a Bus to the Town Where Herodotus Was Born 2 l.
-Love's Tourmaline Shirt Studs 2 l.
-photograph of Musgrave with Al Purdy (1997)

Musgrave, Susan

Musgrave, Susan (31 letters including 5 to Jarrett from Susan Musgrave; inventories and invoices included)

Musgrave, Susan

Musgrave, Susan
-tlc out 2 l. 01 Nov. 90

Alexander Hutchison fonds

  • Fondo
  • 1965 - 1985

The fonds consists of correspondence with George Woodcock, editor of "Canadian Literature" in 1971, re his submission of a review of Robin Skelton's poetry, plus a first draft of the review; correspondence with Rampant Lions Press (Will and Sebastian Carter), 1976-1977, regarding the printing of a collection of Hutchison's broadsides, plus copies of the broadsides; manuscripts, correspondence, artwork, notebooks, research materials and miscellaneous [This large collection (1996-020) is only roughly sorted and is on loan]. Notable correspondence includes George Woodcock, Susan Musgrave, Dennis Brown and the Rampant Lion Press.

Hutchison, Alexander

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