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Gratian, Decretum, 1, D. 96

The file consists of an incunabulum: 21.9 X 30.7 cm, Decretum Gratiani, 1, D. 96; recto: cc. 8–13, verso: c. 14 (cc. 13–14 = the infamous forgery known as the Donation of Constantine; vide)

Acquisition (2015-078)

This series consist of manuscripts, drafts, and typescripts for a Rain Song, Swimming With Turtles, Play on the Water, Going Down in History, The Only Country in the World, Kissing the Body of My Lord, For the Love of Hockey, A Dancing Star, and a...

Beardsley, Doug, 1941-

Poetry Readings

The accrual consists of 2 CD-R compact discs: "Scots Selection I + II" and "Gavia Stellata".


The accrual consists of two notebooks and a file of poetry worksheets.

Publishing Files

This accrual consists of publishing files for Hedgerow Press (11 individual titles).


Series consists of records relating to the restoration of Victoria’s Chinatown, the 1980 twinning of Victoria and Suzhou, and other community work. Also included are documents relating to public lectures by Lai, publications on Canadian Chinatowns...

Keith McHenry Artwork

The accrual consists of art works, including sketchbooks with text entries as well as preparatory sketches. Art works are poster-type art for Food Not Bombs and the Occupy movement. Some works are in other languages.

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