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Student Posters

The accrual consists of six student project posters from Adrienne Boyarin-Williams’ early manuscripts class (ENGL 503/A02, Spring 2016).

Acquisition (2017-050)

Series consists for correspondence between Beardsley and Peter Newman, Jean Baird, Jeremy Kinsman, and the Greater Victoria Public library. There is also birthday preparations for Beardsley’s 75th birthday, his C.V. which lists his scholarly paper...

Beardsley, Doug, 1941-

Publishing Files

This accrual consists of publishing files for Hedgerow Press.


There are 2 publications, "Through the Eyes of the Elders: Clarence Fulton Secondary "and "'I'MUSHUSTUHW TTHU S'UL'HWAALH XWTE' 'U TTHU QU'IS MUSTIMUHW: Walking Through the Generations", which...


Series documents awards and appointments that Lai received throughout his career, as well as a collection of English and Chinese news articles about him. Includes photographs from events.

Gratian, Decretum, 1, D. 96

The file consists of an incunabulum: 21.9 X 30.7 cm, Decretum Gratiani, 1, D. 96; recto: cc. 8–13, verso: c. 14 (cc. 13–14 = the infamous forgery known as the Donation of Constantine; vide)

Acquisition (2015-078)

This series consist of manuscripts, drafts, and typescripts for a Rain Song, Swimming With Turtles, Play on the Water, Going Down in History, The Only Country in the World, Kissing the Body of My Lord, For the Love of Hockey, A Dancing Star, and a...

Beardsley, Doug, 1941-


The accrual consists of small artworks (originals and prints) by Avis Rasmussen.

Poetry Readings

The accrual consists of 2 CD-R compact discs: "Scots Selection I + II" and "Gavia Stellata".


The accrual consists of materials re M.A.C. Farrant’s writing including early drafts, final proofs, related correspondence, and promotional materials.

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