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Cecil, William, Lord Burghley (1520-1598), Elizabeth I's Chief Minister

Document signed by William Cecil, Lord Burghley ("W Burghley") , Lord Treasurer of England, and by John Fortescue, Chancellor of the Exchequer, "for and behalf of our soveraigne Lady the Queen", a counterpart indenture by which the Queen mortgages the manors of Whitwood in the West Riding of Yorkshire and Finningly Grange in Nottinghamshire to the great navigator Sir Martin Frobisher. 1 page large oblong folio on vellum, in English, c.11 1/2x22 1/2" [i.e. 23 1/4"; 295x590 mm], signed at the foot by Burgley and Fortescue. Fortescue's seal is attached by the original vellum tag; Burghley's seal is lacking although the seal tag is present. [Maggs catalogue]

Brig. Gen. W.O.H. Dodds

Item is a photograph from an album of World War One-related photographs in the William Okell Holden Dodds fonds. Brigadier General Dodds joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force in 1914 and was commanding officer of the 5th Canadian Division Artillery and served in France from 1917-1918.

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