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Aloysia (Sister)

Aloysia (Sister). Illustrated by George Lambert.
"English Convent Life". Dec. 1890. p. 259-270.

Anstey, F.

Anstey, F.
"The Black Poodle". n.d. p. 99-124.
"The Decay of the British Ghost". n.d. p. 251-258
"A Farewell Appearance". n.d. p. 463-476.

Blomfield, Reginald T.

Blomfield, Reginald T. Three essays on Dutch towns.
"Dordt". Feb.1889. p. 398-406
"Hoorn and Enkhuizen". Jan. 1890. p. 305-314
"Nymegan: An Old Town in Holland". July 1891. p. 745-752

Bradley, A.G.

Bradley, A.G.
"The American Borderers". Macmillans. Feb. 1890. p. 259-269

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