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Accounting Services fonds

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The fonds consists of two series: The General Ledger Cumulative Transaction Details series, and the Pension Administration series.

Administrative Registrar fonds

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The fonds consists of: general office files 1963-1972; statistics 1963-1978; application statistics 1987-1992 examinations 1963-present; student records from Notre Dame University (B.C.), 1957-1978; student records from Victoria College and the University of Victoria 1920-1984; and unclaimed diplomas 1963 - 2005.

Photograph Album #1

The album consists of photographs taken during Cameron's travels up the Mackenzie River with her niece, Jessie Cameron Brown. The contents of the album include photographs of individuals and families outdoors.

Seaweed Inventory Project

Series consists of materials generated by the Seaweed Inventory Project, a major research project conducted by Dr. Austin and Robert Adams, research assistant and colleague. In 1972 and 1974, the project launched a survey of the seaweed along BC coastal waters. The series is complete record of the research project and includes original data, vegetation maps, reports, films and photographs, correspondence, field notes, reference literature, and other materials reflective of the activities of the researchers and project outcomes. Series consists of four sub-series:

  1. SIP reports, 1970-1997
  2. SIP films and photographs, [1972-1977]
  3. SIP correspondence and field notes, [1970-1977]
  4. SIP reference literature
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