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Ben Hur: woodwind, trumpet

File contains handwritten music notation for Ben Hur (1959) composed by MiklA

Moore, Charles, 1921-1994

Band memorabilia

File contains memorabilia from Charles Moore's education and service in military bands. Items include badges, diary, medallions, sheet music lyre, belt buckle, pins, cufflinks, wallet, "Medal for the Best Cornet" certificate, and name badge.

Moore, Charles, 1921-1994

Cassette, "Victoria Symphony"

File consists of one cassette labeled, "Victoria Symphony 1958-59-60-61".

Moore, Charles, 1921-1994

Service medals

File contains Charles Moore's WWII service medals from the British Armed Forces, and one service medal from the Canadian Armed Forces.

Moore, Charles, 1921-1994

Souvenirs from Asian trip

File contains a Japanese doll; a small wooden carving of a ship from Hiroshima, Japan; and a small stone carving of "three wise monkeys" from Fuzhou (Foochow), China.

Moore, Charles, 1921-1994

Poster -- "Original March" -- Daily Mail

File contains a Royal Marines Band Service poster, final draft of Charles Moore's Original March for conductor, the VE-Day edition of the Daily Mail (London, May 8, 1945), and Moore's Certificate of Service in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Moore, Charles, 1921-1994

Photograph album

File consists of a photograph album with an embossed green cover and kraft paper. Inscription inside front cover reads, "From, Mother. March 22nd, 1947". Subjects of photographs include Charles Moore during his service in the Royal Marines, naval ships, scenes and landscapes from travels with the Marines, fellow bandmates and soldiers, military bands, military parties and entertainment, the Hong Kong Light Orchestra, Hiroshima before and after the atomic bomb, local landmarks and temples, Japanese families, local people, and Moore's family including wife and children upon immigration to Canada. Album also includes two Canadian Immigration Identification Cards for Moore and his wife Violet. Places identified include Hong Kong, Hiroshima, Malta, Shanghai, Kota Kinabalu (Jesselton), Tokyo, Istanbul, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Nanjing (Nanking), Japan, Malacca, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Vancouver, B.C.

Moore, Charles, 1921-1994

Conductor's batons

File consists of 3 conductor's batons.

Moore, Charles, 1921-1994

Naden Band clothing

File contains a blue polo shirt with a Naden Band emblem, and a blue corduroy baseball-style hat with a Naden Band emblem reading "50th Anniversary".

Moore, Charles, 1921-1994

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