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Wadsworth family

  • 03
  • Serie
  • 1753-1941

Series consists of journal entries, diaries, personal and business correspondence, powers of attorney, indentures, wills, baptismal records, marriage settlements, photographs, postcards, certificates, notebooks, unpublished poems by Joseph Wadsworth, copies of poetry books by Caroline Louisa Wadsworth and drafts of these poems, and drawings, including watercolour sketches of Victoria scenes by Sadie Honour Lewis.

I Might Be Nothing records

  • 06
  • Serie
  • 1987-2004

This series consists of manuscript drafts, digital book cover designs, published excerpts, and correspondence related to the publication of I Might Be Nothing

Gilbert, Lara, 1972-1995

Newspaper clippings and research

  • 09
  • Serie
  • 1983-1998

This series consists of newspaper clippings and research articles collected by Carole Itter, primarily from Vancouver and national newspapers. Subject matters include mental health, grief, child abuse, sexual abuse, pedophilia, incest, suicide, and medical malpractice. Series also includes manuscripts and correspondence regarding Itter's published articles in the Vancouver Sun.

Itter, Carole, 1939-

Carole Itter to The Vancouver Sun

  • 2.28.8
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1997-07-25

The author describes Lara Gilbert’s history, including her abuse, and legal injustice following her death.

Elsie Allan collection

  • Fondo
  • 1914-1980

Collection consists of material compiled by Elsie Allan concerning theatre in Victoria and other locations in B.C. and in England. The collection includes notebooks of annotated scripts, scripts of plays, announcements and notices of meetings of the Victoria Theatre Guild, programmes of amateur and professional performances in Victoria, New York, and England, and programmes of the British Columbia, Dominion, Kelowna, and Vancouver Island Drama Festivals.

Also includes Allan's photographs of Victoria and Field, B.C., Camp Petawawa, Salisbury, England, France and unidentified B.C. locations during World War I. Many of the photographs depict the military.

Allan, Elsie

Ray Williston fonds

  • Fondo
  • 1926-1984

Fonds consists of correspondence, memos, reports, photographs and maps relating to the Columbia River Treaty, 1950-1972, including the following series: Columbia River Treaty and projects, 1950-72; Other water and power projects, 1926-75 (including Skagit Valley, Fraser River, and water transfers); Lands and forests, 1956-76; BC Cellulose Co., 1976-78, 1984; and miscellaneous reference material. Inlcudes transcripts of the International Joint Commission Conference, 1959; and copies of the House of Commons Standing Committee on External Affairs, 19 March - 27 May, 1964.

Williston, Ray Gillis, 1914-2006

Harold Allen fonds

  • Fondo
  • 1960-1979

Fonds consists of files relating to Allen's activities in the New Democratic Party, including federal conventions, 1960-1979; Waffle Movement [relating to the document "For an independent socialist Canada," also known as "The Waffle Manifesto" debated at the 1969 federal convention in Winnipeg] 1969-1971; Clippings, 1961-1972; Elections, 1966-1975; Committee for an Independent Canada, 1976-1977; Brief to the Royal Commission on Gasoline Price Structure, 1965; and NDP Speakers Notes and Policy Statement, 1961.

Allen, Harold Tuttle, 1902-1982

Alan Austin fonds

  • Fondo
  • 1953 - 1997

Fonds consists of records related to Alan Austin’s activities as an educator and phycologist, including materials generated through major research projects and student projects, arranged into four series: 1. Seaweed Inventory Project; 2. Victoria Phenology Project; 3. Teaching and student material; and 4. Aquatic ecology projects. The Seaweed Inventory Project (SIP), in particular, is a valuable, detailed record and baseline survey of a substantial part of the coastline of BC, and the vegetation and biota (thus measurable on a global scale) supported at the time of the surveys done in 1972 and 1974. These data stand as a permanent record against which any coastal changes can be compared and measured. The sedentary, attached nature of coastal biota makes it particularly responsive to, and thus a sensitive indicator of changes in their environment. Forces of change include oil spills, toxic spills, runoff from land developments, marina construction, and natural catastrophic events. Series 1 has been arranged into four sub-series: SIP reports; SIP films and photographs; SIP correspondence and field notes; and SIP reference literature.

Austin, Alan

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