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Face to Face Media fonds

  • Fundos
  • ca. 1991 - 2021

Fonds prodominately consists of material related to "The Mind of a Child" (1995)", a documentary on Lorna Wánosts’a7 Williams and Reuven Feuerstein, and related projects; as well as other projects done in involvement with Lorna Wánosts’a7 Williams including "First Nations, The Circle Unbroken" (1991-1997), and "Pride and Prejudice: The road to multiculturalism and human rights in British Columbia" (1999).

Included are film and video footage, interviews, correspondence, production and post-production documents, proposals, promotional material, photographs, and other material.

Face to Face Media

Marianne Ainley fonds

  • Fundos
  • 1990 - 2003

The fonds consists of oral history interviews concerning women in science with the goal of broadening the narrative of Canadian science history. Ainley also interviews female anthropologists and ethno-historians regarding their methods for the collection and publication of Canadian and Australian Indigenous knowledge.

Ainley, Marianne Gosztonyi, 1937-2008

Digital records

Series consists of digital records predominately pertaining to "The Mind of A Child"; "Pride and Prejudice: The Road to Human Rights and Multiculturalism in British Columbia"; "Queen’s Harbour: First Nations Education, 1860-1970"; and other related projects.

Video interviews with Lorna Wasnost’a7 Williams and Gary Marcuse recorded in 2019 for the University of Victoria and Survival International are also included.

Audio cassettes

Series consists of interviews recorded on audio cassette for the documentary "The Mind of A Child". Included are interviews with Lorna Wasnots’a7 Williams and Reuven Feuerstein, both recorded in Israel.

16 mm camera rolls

Series consists of 16 mm film footage from the documentary "The Mind of A Child".

Archival material

Series consists of archival and other supplementary material used for the documentary "The Mind of A Child".

Master tapes

Series consists of various versions and masters of "The Mind of A Child"; "Pride and Prejudice: The Road to Human Rights and Multiculturalism in British Columbia"; and "Queen’s Harbour: First Nations Education, 1860-1970".

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