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Modern context materials

This series contains records accumulated by J.D. Anderson that offer modern context for Parks-related concerns; including biodiversity; climate change; Park values; public protests, and indigenous rights.

Land trusts and acquisition materials

This series contains records accumulated by J.D. Anderson that document various land trust and acquisition activities undertaken by the BC Parks system. This includes records on land acquisition rationale; a registry of transactions; property donations; a land acquisition "wish list;" records regarding various lands Parks sought to acquire including files on Burns Bog, Quarda Island, and Goldstream; records on the Vancouver Island Land Use Plan; various administrative records, and relevant miscellany.

Administration materials

This series contains records accumulated by J.D. Anderson that document various administration activities relevant to BC Parks. This includes records that describe the long-term evolution of Parks system planning; the interpretation program; facilities standards; the operations of Provincial Marine Parks and protected areas; recreation areas; tree hazard policy; conservation policy; the Parks' relationship with the private sector; fixed roof structure policy; standalone Parks records; staff development, directives, charts, and photographs, the Outdoor Recreation Branch; selected biographical records of folks relevant to BC Parks, and a file on Youth Crew activities.

Park-specific files

This series contains records accumulated by J.D. Anderson that document the inner working of various specific parks. This includes files on Strathcona, Cypress, Kalamalka Lake, Adams River, Muskwa-Kechika, Great Bear Rainforest, Alsek-Tatshensini, McMillan Park, Cathedral Grove, and Clayoquot Sound.

Parks system development materials

This series contains records accumulated by J.D. Anderson that document the development of the Parks system. This includes "Post Card Parks" materials on “post card Parks” and “new large Parks;” BC Forest Service materials; materials from the Natural Resources Conference; records on facilities and plans; records documenting the then-new Department of Recreation and Conservation; the personal papers of D.H. Macmurchie and R.H. Ahrens; New Park Act materials; “The Sacred Legacy” materials; “Major New Parks” materials; Outdoor Recreation Branch materials; Recreational/Green Belt Encouragement Fund Act materials; Wilderness Advisory Committee materials; Land use strategy materials; and protected area strategy files.
Wilderness Advisory Committee (WAC) materials; Land use strategy materials, and protected area strategy files.

Southern Chilcotin Mountains Park materials

This series contains records accumulated by J.D. Anderson that document the administrative activities that took place in Southern Chilcotin Mountains Park. This includes records from the Southern Chilcotin Mountains Park Wilderness Society; studies; recreation area materials; records regarding Spruce Lake, and materials from the Park's Land Resource Management Plan (LRMP).

General Provincial Park system materials

This series contains records accumulated by J.D. Anderson that document general information about the BC Provincial Park system. These include materials regarding the legislation and systems management of BC Parks; materials documenting facilities inventories and attendance; files that speak to Anderson's interest in documenting the history of the BC Parks system; selected annual ministry reports, as well as a copy of James K. Younds' thesis, which provides a case study of B.C.'s provincial Park system from 1911 to the late 1970s.

"Peace Studies and the War Against Women: A Survey of Research" and "Quaker Minute" for Barbara Ann Roberts

The accrual is comprised of Roberts' paper for the Canadian Peace Research and Education Association Annual Meeting (1982) and a copy of the "Quaker Minute" following Roberts' death published in Reports for Canadian Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (1999).

Barbara Ann Roberts fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1974-1999

Fonds consists of sixteen series: university employment; 1977-1996; university teaching, 1974-1988; grant applications, 1980-1995; publications, 1975-1997; conference papers, 1978-1991; presentations, 1980-1997; unpublished papers, 1975-1995; Gertrude Richardson research, 1985-1996; Leicester Peace Society research, 1992-1993; women's movement, 1983-1996; peace movement, 1986-1997; miscellaneous correspondence, 1979-1998; family correspondence, 1987-1997; illness and death, 1998; photographs, 1986-1993, and Canadian women peace activists oral history interviews, 1987-1989.

The university employment series includes curricula vitae, job applications, and self evaluation files which document Roberts employment history and her publications and committee work, etc. The university teaching series includes course outlines, take home exams, and student handouts which shed light on her approach to teaching. The grant applications and publications series together provide an overview of the range and direction of Roberts' research interests. While most of the series are based on record type, the Gertrude Richardson research and Leicester Peace Society Research series are arranged by subject and contain correspondence and grant applications; the Gertrude Richardson Research series also contains conference papers. The Women's movement and Peace movement series both contain correspondence, although some correspondence pertaining to them will be found in the miscellaneous and family correspondence series. While the miscellaneous and family correspondence series consist almost entirely of inward correspondence, both contain a few printouts of e-mail correspondence or letters from Roberts which shed light on her daily life and research projects. The Canadian Women Peace Activists series contains interviews about and with Canadian women who were peace activists before 1960.

Roberts, Barbara Ann, 1941-1998

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