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FF 96 Code Burns - VHS-1 - Follies up to Crystal's Tina Turner

Footage consists of part of the 1996 Fantasia Fair Follies, up to (exclusively) Crystal's Tina Turner act. The tape's label reads as follows:

FF96 – VHS 1
Time Code Burn-ins
Follies up to (but not incl) Crystal’s Tina Turner
FFF Reels 1, 2, 3, & most of 4

Fantasia Fair

Fantasia Fair Fashion Show

Footage consists of the 1995 Fantasia Fair Fashion Show. The tape's label indicates that it begins with a Follies Act by Savannah Rose.

Fantasia Fair

Outreach Institute - 1991 Beta Reel #12 - Howey

Footage consists of 1991 Outreach Institute event with Howey, including question and answer period. Enclosed note reads, "Very little content – worth keeping? –K.J." Tape label reads as follows:

Tape 9
TCR 12 – Howey –
More Q + A.
47-53 END of Howey

Outreach Institute

Outreach Institute Beta Tapes: M, N, O, P

Footage consists of 1992 Outreach Institute events, including Garber luncheon seminar, colloquium with Nielson, introduction to PAAM symposium (duplicated), and Ari Kane's introduction to seminar with Bulling, Bolin, and Rich Docter. Tape label reads as following:

Reel M: Garber luncheon seminar
Reel N: Coll. w/ Nielson
Reel O: Intro to PAAM sym 1992
Reel P same as above
Tape: Edit A. Kane Intro to Bulling/Bolin/Docter

Outreach Institute

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