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Manuscript Fragment

"Sacrifice d. Abraham; Loue don de Dieu" (Sacrifice of Abraham, Praise the gift of God)

Manuscript fragment, 13.5 X 18.5 cm, c. 1200

An illustration from a bible showing Abraham and Isaac before the sacrifice. Isaac carries the wood on his back and the fire in his hand.


Incunabulum, 31.5 X 43.5 cm, 1477, leaf from Pantheologia of Reynerus de Pisis. Includes the following description: 'A page from the Pantheologia of Reynerus de Pisis printed at Nuremburg by Anton Koberger in 1477. With the invention of moveable type in the middle of the fifteenth century, books were printed on paper and in unlimited quantity. These books printed before 1501, known as "incunabula", imitated the forms of contemporary manuscripts. Since readers were accustomed to the decoration of manuscripts, coloured initials were added to the printed page by hand.'


Incunabulum, 32 X 45.5 cm, 1493, leaf from the Nuremberg Chronicle, uncoloured.

Manuscript Fragment

Manuscript fragment, 23 X 32.5 cm, 15th century, leaf from a bible. Includes the following description: 'A leaf from a fifteenth century bible which shows the great skill of the medieval scribe and the feeling for design and proportion in planning the page. The scribe was forbidden to make any alteration in his work while copying it. Later owners or scribes sometimes added their own additions or corrections. These were known as glosses. There is a gloss on the reverse side (or verso) of the folio and another on the face (or recto) about four inches from the bottom on the ride side, a small VIII in faded ink. 2nd Samuel, VII and VIII.'

Miscellaneous Image

4 mounted colour photographs with inscription: "To: John Di Castri, From: Mike and Dick, a momento [sic] of your work in Campbell River"


Great Britain. War Office. General Staff. Geographical Section. France. Scale 1:250 000. [London : War Office], 1914. 1 map : col. ; 48 x 69 cm. (Geographical Section, General Staff ; no. 2738) Shows northeastern France and parts of Belgium and Germany. "Printed at the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton...." Sheets numbered 3-3a, 6-23. For sheets 1-2, 4-5 see G.S.G.S. no. 2733 (MM2). For later editions see MM70. Index map: Figure 1.

North west Europe

Great Britain. War Office. General Staff. Geographical Section. North west Europe. Scale 1:250 000. [London] : War Office, 1914-1918. 6 maps : col. ; 90 x 100 cm or smaller. (Geographical Section, General Staff ; 2733) Shows Belgium and Luxembourg and parts of the Netherlands, Germany and France. Sheets numbered 1-2, 4-5. For sheet 3 see G.S.G.S. no. 2738 (MM1). Index map: Figure 2.

Belgium and northeastern France

Great Britain. War Office. General Staff. Geographical Section. [Belgium and northeastern France]. Scale 1:100 000. [London] : War Office, 1910-1917. 42 maps : col. ; 111 x 146 cm or smaller. (Geographical Section, General Staff ; 2364) "Photo-etched at the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton...." Index map: Figure 3.

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