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16th Battalion (The Canadian Scottish) fonds
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Aerial Photographs

The series consists of 15 files of aerial photographs of the Western Front. The scale of these photographs is indeterminable. All of the photographs are 16.5 by 21.5 centimetres or smaller and were donated by A.G. Wordy. Each file contains the corresponding map sheet number, approximate location, date, and photograph identification number.

Aerial Photographs of the Western Front (4)

36C.H.25b.26.32ab. Hill 70 (France). 1917.07.28. ID no. 16AD.66.
36C.H.25bd.26ac. Hill 70 (France). 1917.07.26. ID no. 16AC.979.
36C.H.25bd.26ac. Hill 70 (France). 1917.07.23. ID no. 16AC.947.
36C.H.25c.26cd.32ab. Hill 70 (France). 1917.07.22. ID no. 16AC.879.
36C.H.25cd.31b.32a. Hill 70 (France). 1917.07.27. ID no. 16AD.12.
36C.H.25d.26.31b.32a. Hill 70 (France). 1917.07.19. ID no. 16AC.786
36C.H.25d.26.31b.32ab. Hill 70 (France). 1917.08.09. ID no. 16AD.170.
36C.H.25o.26c.31b.32ac. Hill 70 (France), 1917.07.27. ID no. 16AC.994.
36C.H.25.26ac. Hill 70 (France). 1917.07.21. ID no. 16AC.849.
36C.H.25.31. Hill 70 (France). 1917.07.19. ID no. 16AC.764

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