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Petrus Veremudi, Grant

The item consists of a charter, 13 lines in Latin, on vellum, in an attractive large hand, ca. 5 1/2x1 ins. [140x410mm], indented at the foot. Very slightly browned and rubbed in places; a handsome document in good clear condition. Grant by Petrus Veremudi of Andradi to the Monastery of Saint John of Calvary of all his inheritance around the church of Saint Eulalia at Bureganes, and other inheritances including lands near the church of Saint Martinus at Porto and near Monte Nigro, on condition that a daily mass should be said for his soul and for the sins he had committed in the Monastery of St. John and in other places. The grant is to be placed in the hands of the Abbot Martinus, and is made for the benefit of those clerics who persevere in the holy life. The document concludes with the extraordinary admonition that "if any one of my lineage or anyone else should violate the provisions of this document may curse and excommunication and malediction befall him and may he be damned in hell like Judas and may he be accursed unto the seventh generation." The document has the names of two witnesses, Matthias and Gundisaius (i.e. Gonzales), and is confirmed at the foot in the name of the donor, and is signed by the scribe Johannes with his name and his large notarial mark of a decorated cross. Dated in the reign of King Alfonso (Alfonso IX, last King of Leon, 1188-1250), during the Archbishopric of Bernardus and in the see of Martinus, Bishop of Mondonedo. [Description from Maggs catalogue 1030, item 95]

Hubert de Burgh (d.1243), Chamberlain to King John and Justiciar of England

The item consists of a charter, 20 lines on vellum, 230x240mm, in brown ink, in a large well-written Romanesque hand, undated, c.1201. The fine green heraldic seal is attached by a striped linen cord and shows on the obverse three leopards passant and the legend "Sigill: Huberti: de: Burgo" and on the reverse a standing figure and the legend "Celo: Secretum." (Minimal wear and staining, with four tiny holes, but otherwise in excellent condition.) A very fine charter in Latin as chamberlain to King John by which Hubert de Burgh grants to the Cistercian House of Abbey Dore in Herefordshire the land at Linchoit which Henry II had given to the Abbey but which had come into Hubert's hands as governor of Herefordshire when King John gave him Grosmont and the land around it. The grant is conditional on four priests praying for ever for his soul and that of the king. Witnesses include John de Kilpac, Walter de Muchegros and Henry de Grosmont. [Description from Maggs catalogue 977, item 68]

Early Modern Documents

The accrual consists of four documents: indenture with seal, rent book, marriage document, tenancy document.

Receipt with Seal

  • Colección
  • 1361

The collection consists of a receipt by Peter de Marthelay received from John de Hawkesworth, rector of the church of Gyselay [Guisley], for fifty shillings for rent of Lofthouse in Sualeyngmore, in London [3 miles north of Wakefield], Feast of St Martin [11th November], 1361.

Marthelay, Peter de

17th Century French Legal Document

  • Colección
  • June 10, 1662

The collection consists of a legal document, written on parchment, dated 1662 June 10. Document is torn/damaged. Paper attached to document with string.

17th Century Document collection

  • Colección
  • 1624

The collection consists of a legal document, written on parchment, dated 1634. Seal missing.

Ali Puli fonds

  • Fondo
  • 1682

The fonds consists of a 19th century 38 leaf 1/4 leather bound volume containing a handwritten translation into English (by F.E.) from a German translation by D.J.O.H. (Helbigius in 1682). The original was written in Arabic. Hand-coloured initial letter at beginning of text, part of text in red ink (leaf 31).

Ali Puli

Boston Food Not Bombs

  • CA UVICARCH SC443-2010-001-I-1.14
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1980 - 1986
  • Parte deFood Not Bombs fonds

The file consists of posters, copies of articles/clippings, postcards, flyers.

Paul Phillips fonds

  • Fondo
  • 1970-2006

Fonds consists of correspondence, minutes, ephemera, writings, and information related to heritage restoration.

Phillips, Paul, 1933-2012

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