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"Peace Studies and the War Against Women: A Survey of Research" and "Quaker Minute" for Barbara Ann Roberts

The accrual is comprised of Roberts' paper for the Canadian Peace Research and Education Association Annual Meeting (1982) and a copy of the "Quaker Minute" following Roberts' death published in Reports for Canadian Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (1999).

Barbara Ann Roberts fonds

  • Fundos
  • 1974-1999

Fonds consists of sixteen series: university employment; 1977-1996; university teaching, 1974-1988; grant applications, 1980-1995; publications, 1975-1997; conference papers, 1978-1991; presentations, 1980-1997; unpublished papers, 1975-1995; Gertrude Richardson research, 1985-1996; Leicester Peace Society research, 1992-1993; women's movement, 1983-1996; peace movement, 1986-1997; miscellaneous correspondence, 1979-1998; family correspondence, 1987-1997; illness and death, 1998; photographs, 1986-1993, and Canadian women peace activists oral history interviews, 1987-1989.

The university employment series includes curricula vitae, job applications, and self evaluation files which document Roberts employment history and her publications and committee work, etc. The university teaching series includes course outlines, take home exams, and student handouts which shed light on her approach to teaching. The grant applications and publications series together provide an overview of the range and direction of Roberts' research interests. While most of the series are based on record type, the Gertrude Richardson research and Leicester Peace Society Research series are arranged by subject and contain correspondence and grant applications; the Gertrude Richardson Research series also contains conference papers. The Women's movement and Peace movement series both contain correspondence, although some correspondence pertaining to them will be found in the miscellaneous and family correspondence series. While the miscellaneous and family correspondence series consist almost entirely of inward correspondence, both contain a few printouts of e-mail correspondence or letters from Roberts which shed light on her daily life and research projects. The Canadian Women Peace Activists series contains interviews about and with Canadian women who were peace activists before 1960.

Roberts, Barbara Ann, 1941-1998

Photographs of people affiliated with Everywoman's Books

Accession is comprised of black and white photographs, individual and group shots, including: Kathleen O'Brien, Reva Hutkin, Joanne Bealy, Maryann Erickson, Freddie Verspoor, Lynn Greenhough, Gillian Smith, Ella Davis, Annie Weeks, Leith Leslie, Rebecca Crichton, Janet Patterson, and Paul Ring.

Publishing information

  • CA UVICARCH AR050-2015-069-Box 6, Folder 24
  • Pasta/Processo
  • February 1982 - August 1989
  • Parte de Everywoman's Books fonds

The folder includes the following: 2 cards (undated) clipped together as examples of ordering & inventorycards used, 2 copies of publishers by distributor (1 of them is undated, but seems to be the original with multiple corrections by pen with the name of Sharon, and the other one is dated as August 1989), Everywoman's books ordering policies (July 27, 1989), a copy of "decision-making by consensus" (1982), notes from the May 24 meeting of the Everywoman's book orders (undated)

Correspondence and other documents

Notifying everywomans book's closure on November 30, 1997, to former everywomans collective member. The correspondence and an envelop are stapled together; Documents related to fundraising from Judy Liefschultz and associates; an event plan on "Where have we come from & where are we going?" (November 26th & 27th 1988); an article "Feminist Organizations Part II: Conflict and Change" by Joan Holmes and Joan Riggs with assistance from the Collective (undated); an envelop from Bantam books of Canada LTD.

Everywoman's memorabilia #2 [Article, clippings, note and receipt]

The folder includes the following: article "Letters on the Famous Five, Blaming the Victims, etcetera" (1997), "Laughing off exploitation" (1992), "Full marks for fortitude" (1993), "Celebrating International Women's Day March 8" (2002); clippings of "Money woes claim feminist bookstore" (1997), "Week of October Event: Everywomans Books" (1997), "Feminists to rescue Oct. 28" (1997), "Cyberlove and meatworld madness" (1997), "Event: Everywomans Books Farewell" (1997), "Everywomans books here for the long haul" (1994), "Bookstore turns a page" (1994), . Receipt from Unique gifts & more (1997). Note on books' information (ISBN): "Nattering on the Net" by Spender, Dale, and "Radically speaking and Radically Speaking. Feminism Reclaimed" by Renate Klein; Brochure of everywomans books: 20 years (1975-1995) Gala reading music& performance

Everywoman's memorabilia #1 [photographs, clipping, bookmark]

The folder includes the following: bookmark, clipping of "Women ready to march" (1975), "By Women, for Women, About Women" (1975), "Branching Out 'Wild Idea' Hit with Canadian Women" (1975), "Pipeline through bookstore" (1978), , "Bookstore marks year five" (1980), "Fantasy, sexuality, nature explored: Poets mirror change" (1980), "the International women's day" (1989); photographs of May Day Parade 1975, Monday May 19th: people identified in the photographs include Rosalie Walls, Lynne Shields, Alice Ages, Ann Hillyer, Arlene, Heather Hester, Lynn Greenhough. Photographs are numbered as 31, 32, 34 and 35 at the back. An invitation to fifth anniversary of everywoman's book; a copy of "Touring Western Canadian Bookstores" (1987); a plastic bag, which contained memorabilia originally

Unknown occasion [Photographs]

People identified in the photographs include Sharon Keen, Ella Davis, Donna Murray,
mary Fair, Debby Gregory, Eve Peterson, Laurie Lawson, Sharon Keen, Fran Dearman, Dorthy Cox, Dorthy Seifred, Valerie Darms, Debby Gregory, Fran Dearman, Bryony Lake, Reva Hutkin, Mary Fair, Carol Sherwood, Sharon Keen, Donna Murray

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