Video Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
2015-006-05-V Arts Calendar with Novelist D. M. Thomas and Others Item
2015-006-11-V Lynda Gammon's Solo Show at AGGV Item
2015-006-16-V Look '95, Community Arts Council Annual Show Item 1995
2015-006-17-V Look '97, Community Arts Council 30th Anniversary Item 1997
2015-006-24-V Pat Martin Bates, Illuminations Item
2015-006-28-V Government House, George Redford Item
2015-006-29-V Kids of Victoria! Self Portrait Show Item
2015-006-39-V Dressing the McPherson Item
2015-006-03-V Arts Calendar, RBCM Echoes of our Past with Robin Patterson Item
2015-006-10-V Arts Calendar, December Item 1994
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